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Here at Webarchitects we specialize in the design and building of web sites and web pages. We cater for customers wanting sites for their businesses, companies and organisations. At Webarchitects, we fully comprehend the basic principles behind web design and construction. These prinicples are many, but mainly, these principles envelop the idea that a web site must contain pertinent content and must be so designed in a way as to suit the appeal of visitors and leave them with an impression of desire to revisit the site. Therefore for one's business, this is important, as important as proper persuasive and informative adverstising. For this is exactly the chief purpose of a business web site, ADVERTISING. When customers or most importantly potential customers visits your site/page, it is an adverstisment. Therefore, sites/pages must be designed in a professional manner and in a manner which markets your company, thereby effectively generating business. This is the main aim of the services offered at Webarchitects. Customer satisfaction, is as important to us as your customer satisfaction is important to you in your business.

Services Offered

At Webarchitects, we handle every aspect of web design and construction. All that is needed from our customers are:-
  1. What do you want your site/page to entail, suitable information on company and nature of company and/or serices and goods offered.
  2. Minor designing details, colour scheming.
  3. 3. Sequencing details as pertains to information and flow of site.
Everything else pertaining to web design and construction will be handled by us. This includes:-
  1. Actual designing and construction of site/page, designing of logos, processing of information and all aspects of web design and construction.
  2. Registering of e-mail address/addresses.
  3. Registering of domain names(i.e.
  4. Organising site host.
  5. Registering site/page in major search engines and/or webrings.
  6. Maintainance and updating of site/page for as long as our services are required.


Another main aim of webarchitects is excellent, efficient, and effective web design at reasonable, and very competitive prices. Prices are based on the size of the site or page and other factors. No web site is the same, as such the price of each web site we design will vary. Our prices range from $200 for small scale sites with a few pages, low graphic content and basic code to $5000 for large scales sites with dozens of pages, high graphic content and a lot of complicated code.

All prices are based on Trinidad and Tobago Curenncy ($TT).
All prices are also subject to change, depending on magnitude of work and other conditions, which will be outlined by Webarchitects to you, our customers.

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