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Current Projects

Currently, we are working on three sites.

Paria Lime Website
A site about an annual lime or hangout by a group of people. Unfortunately it's a private trip but a website was still constructed.It is incomplete due to the part of the owners with providing all the required information for the site.

Tara's Beachhouse - completed
A site about a beachhouse located on the island of Tobago here in the Caribbean. Tobago is Trinidad's sister island and is known as a tourist attraction. On this site, the beachhouse can be viewed and rates for rentals viewed also.Do check it out sometime.

De Liming Spot - Trini Chat
A FREE Trini Chat Network connecting Trinis across the globe through an online chatroom (on the site) and through ICQ and mIRC chats.

Past Projects

Below are some of the individual projects each of the designers at Webarchitects has worked on (See Past Projects).

Alishka's World
One of Alishka Long's two pages. It was created in two weeks while Alishka was now learning HTML and JavaScript. It is a personal site.

Prodigy by dbanz
A Prodigy fan site created by Dexter Banfield featuring lyrics to Prodigy's songs, a few tabs, some info on the group and lots more.

David Silveria: KoRn Power
A site dedicated to David Silveria, KoRn's Drummer, featuring info on David Silveria, a few pics and KoRn drum tabs. Created by Dexter Banfield.

Gerardz Place
One of Gerard Edwards' first web sites. A personal site full of jokes and laughs.

Bob Marley
A total Marley site packed with all his lyrics, pics, and the most concisely compiled info ever. Created by Gerard Edwards.

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