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Who Are We?

Webarchitects is an organisation developed by a group of young, brilliant minds with a vision in mind to market Trinidad and Tobago and it's local companies on the world wide web, or as it is now being called, the global village. The organisation officially began business on the 1st of July, 1999. With youthful, vibrant ideas and concepts designed to meet the year 2000 and its challenges, this vision can become a reality.

Where are we?

We operate and transact business in Trinidad and Tobago, a small twin island Republic located in the Caribbean. The business has no main office thus far. However, we do have three home offices where work is done.

Why Are We doing This?

Of course the first reason that comes to mind is profit motive. "Money makes the world go 'round" Right? However true, we at Webarchitects are fed up and disgruntled over the lacklustre and mediocre web sites which are so prevalently seen in Trinidad and Tobago. Why should this be so? Why should we stand for and accept mediocrity? Why should local businesses have such non-appealing web sites which of course, is not the best way to market themselves? In fact, why should local businesses have no web sites at all? Why should foreigners have to charge phenomenal fees to design web pages when there is such good local talent? We are moving into the new millenium and at a rapid pace too and we as one of the more developed nations in the Caribbean should be able to keep up with technological advances around us. Another main goal of Webarchitects is to change our image here in Trinidad and Tobago and hopefully too in the Caribbean on a whole. This current image is one of "backward, still livin' in huts and swinging on trees" stereotype which is not so at all. Hopefully we can change this and portray Trinidad and Tobago as what it really is, a country ready for the new millenium, especially technologically wise...

How Do We Plan To Do This?

We plan to cater for local companies, businesses and organisations by building web sites and pages. With over twelve million users on the iternet, what better way to market oneself and what better medium for advertising onself than the internet? Companies all over the world are realizing the benefits and advantages of having themselves on the world wide web. In fact, the internet is now a market. One huge global village in which everyday millions of dollars in goods and services are being exchanged. These are all facts which goes to show that in this day and age, the internet is the way to go. Look at every major company in the U.S.A. or in the U.K. that is serious and which has a view of huge profits and one will see that they are all on the internet and that they all have web sites. By putting local companies on the internet, we plan to firstly make our customers very satisfied with the results one must achieve after putting up a web site and then of course in doing so, change Trinidad and Tobago's international image.

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